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Metal sheds, steel buildings, storage boxes, caravan tidies and galvanised bike storage The driver who delivered the Shed to my home was a very pleasant young man and had family living in Battersea.

I am delighted with the end product and just wanted to let you know. Delivery of metal sheds and steel buildings throughout the UK, England, Wales, Scotland

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Buy from our metal sheds store and we'll deliver your garden buildings direct to your door

Huge  savings on the Store More Olympic steel metal garage

Check out our fantastic Olympic metal garages. Available in a range of sizes from 20' x 12' up to a huge 38' x 12'  Also the GrandChoice Metal Garages, sizes up to 19x10.

Metal Sheds Online offer two ranges of high-security metal garden sheds

Keep your tools and bikes safe from burgulars: we have a full range of strong security-rated storage boxes and metal sheds available for fast nationwide home delivery

Garden buildings direct to your door from our metal shed store

Welcome to Metal Sheds UK Online: your one-stop shop for metal garden sheds, steel garages and custom-made farm and industrial steel buildings. We have been in the metal shed industry since the 1970s and have gained a wealth of experience in the manufacture, delivery and installation of garden buildings throughout the UK. Since the late 1990s we have focused our attention on our burgeoning online retail stores and are widlely accepted within the garden sheds industry as the market leaders when it comes to good quality metal buildings at competitive prices.

Whilst respect from your peers feels good, what really matters to us is that you, the customer, are happy. We previously operated one of the UKs most renowned garden building manufacturers which was built from scratch on the back of customer recommendations and our belief that if something is worth doing then it is worth doing well. There is nothing harder to us than having to say no so we can custom design steel buildings for metal farm buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, offices and garaging. Call us for a chat today to see how we can solve your storage problems.

If you are looking for timber or wooden garden sheds then the best place to look is on 1st Choice Leisure Buildings garden sheds web site which feature a large range of suitable garden buildings. With all sizes available from 4x3 right up to 28x16, and possibly larger, you can find a wooden garden shed to suit your needs. All their timber sheds and heavy duty workshops are erected free of charge and are made from top quality timber. Take a look at the specifications and also examine the quality of these garden buildings 'in the flesh' at their garden display site.

Introduction to Metal Sheds Online

Completed custom designed Capital Steel Buildings single garageMetal Sheds UK Online forms part of the Garden Buildings Online group of websites which are operated by Robin, Molly and Craig Antill. Between them they boast 100 years experience in the garden storage building industry and have heard every question that there is to hear. Don't be afraid to call: "the only stupid question is the question never asked!" There are no huge call centres here so, every time that you pick up the phone, you can be assured of reaching one of us personally.

To ensure the best quality of product we import our metal sheds from across the globe - products coming from as far a field as Australia, Dubai and Austria - but, wherever possible, we always try to source them from factories right here in the UK. Having been involved in the manufacture of garden buildings ourselves we feel it is our duty to do our bit to keep British manufacturing alive whilst safeguarding the planet for our children. We know that many of our customers feel the same. We display the Union Flag with pride on applicable metal sheds and buildings.

Our experience in the field has been recognised by Capital Steel Buildings who have appointed us as one of their main distributors. As such we can offer custom designed steel buildings for farm, commercial, industrial and domestic use.

The history of Metal Sheds Online

Taking another load of garden storage buildings direct to their new homeMetal Sheds Online can trace its roots back to the seventies when, having spent a number of years selling a range of garden buildings and stores for another manufacturer, we formed a company which would go on to become one of the country's foremost manufacturers of garden sheds and storage buildings. A major part of our success since then would be attributed to our continual efforts to improve the experience for our customers. We expected quality products backed by top notch service as we went about our own lives so, when it came to our business, we made it our mission to offer a level of service that would exceed even our own high expectations.

Changes would come quickly with our arrival on the internet. Having become the very first British company to offer our garden buildings for sale online, we quickly identified the opportunity to improve our business by stepping back from manufacturing and focusing on selling a range of metal buildings from a select number of manufacturers.

Over the years we have continued to improve and have built our online presence to the point that our customers constantly report that we are the best. Whilst price is important we never lose sight of our roots: quality and service are everything.

Metal Sheds Online today

Metal Sheds Online are waiting to offer advice on your new metal buildingWhilst other metal shed companies seemingly devote all of their efforts to improving their Google ranking we remain true to our roots and spend our time and energy improving both our product line and our level of service. Google make a great search engine but what do they know about metal sheds? We think that is something best left to you and we, confident in the buildings that we are offering, are happy to provide you with all of the advice and information that you will need. We then leave you to make the decision whether we are right for you or not. We don't like them so we promise never to employ pushy salesmen: that's the beauty of having nothing to hide.

The stringent quality control procedures in place in all of our factories ensure that you receive a fantastic metal shed whilst our buying power ensures that you receive it at a fantastic price. Couple that with our experience and installation service and you can be assured that you are getting the very best deal, no matter what headline price you see elsewhere. When comparing price always ensure that you are comparing 'like for like'.

Today we offer a full range of garden sheds, metal sheds and storage boxes backed by our 'never say no' attitude. Call us today for a chat or a no-obligation quotation!

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